About Us



Hello. This website is run by me. Christopher Juarez. I am the author and illustrator for most things here. I have been drawing for as long as i remember (about four years old). Ever since i was younger my parents have never doubted my dream to fulfill my passion in life. And it has been a worthwhile trip. I have been able to self publish a few comics while at the same time helping the writing community with many other comic projects of their own. I moved to Austin, Tx about six years ago to continue my dream am I am currently working on learning more animation techniques. I m currently enrolled in Austin Community College for 2D Animation. My main tools of choice for creating art work are my computer. My 13" Cintiq, Photoshop, Manga Studio, and for animating I currently use Adobe Flash and ToonBoom Harmony 12. I am also currently working with a local writer to create a new independent animation on my Youtube channel. For more information on how to contact me for a commission or a project please visit my contact section. Or if you just want to send me a message feel free to send me one. I am free to answer any questions you have!