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D.A.T.A is still happening!

Hey guys! it's been a while since i have posted here. Been prepping for a few events. Im already starting on the storyboards for my new animation. Ill drop the new character models here to get a feel of the style of the cartoon below!

The Heroes!

Concept work for D.A.T.A

Heroes and villains!

The Baddies!

Prompto from Final Fantasy XV

Decided to sketch Prompto before working on commissions . Love this character.


Emma from my new web series. D.A.T.A

Another character from my upcoming web comic. D.A.T.A. Emma. she is the cutesy character in the group.


New Web comic coming soon plus an animation series!

Hey guys! I know that it's been a while since i updated the site but i will be making a new web comic series called D.A.T.A Omicron Files. Here's a look at one of the characters. Ill be updating on concept designs regularly!

My X-men Apocalypse Review

Hey if you've seen X-men Apocalypse, take a gander at our review and let us know if you agree or disagree. What stand out for you in the movie? What do you hate about it?

New Let's Play Doom Series!

Check out episode 2 of Doom Let's Play! Also if you like the video make sure to Like and Subscribe or leave a comment of what future games you wanna see!

MY new Star Wars Parody Animation. Maul vs Kylo!

this is my newest animation. its a star wars parody of maul vs kylo. who will win?


My New Promo Art!

New Let's Play Channel on Youtube

Come check out me and my bro play Goat Simulator, First of many!

News and Updates


Happy Holidays!!!

Website start up

So excited to finally get started on this website. Finally between work and commissions and working on my own animation i am getting this done!